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Recent Projects

AAEIMAA- Design has been working on many projects around the world. Please visit this page again to see about our new projects. Some of the successful prominent projects

AAEIMAA- Design has supported us in our projects for the last few months. Very efficient and professional team.
Civil Engineer

Project No : 1

3D Modelling of Apartment Building.

Project No : 2

LOD 100, 200 and 300 modeling of a School Building

Revit Drafting
Hign quality drawing within the project period. The team is available 24x7 for any queries.
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Margaret Curtis
Director at West​ Project
Revit MEP
Highly accurate fabrication drawing. We will work definitely together in the next project. All the best team Aaeimaa-Design.
Civil Engineer

Project No : 3

LOD 300, 400 modeling.

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AAEIMAA- Design has been working on many projects around the world

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